As wizards across Crocus are cornered and killed by the dragons, Ultear recalls her forbidden Last Ages spell, which is capable of reversing time at the cost of the user's life. can be revived, but adds that the phrase "return to Zeref" is a genetic marker in all Etherious that causes them to desire Zeref's destruction, which he cites to be his ultimate goal, regardless of the costs to humanity. However, Natsu reveals himself to be a decoy for Gray, who shoots Mard Geer down with an arrow of demon-slaying ice. [70], Gray thanks Juvia for releasing his father, One week later, everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the war on Tartaros; Makarov and the others stand before their guild's wreckage, where he announces that the current era has ended. Cobra reveals that Brain only thought of them as pawns and, earning the approval of Midnight, leaves him as is. Zirconis tosses Lucy away, sending her crashing into Natsu; when Lucy complains about the situation with Zirconis, Natsu gets an idea and immediately returns to the battle. Leo resumes Liberam with the constellations of the defeated Eclipse spirits overhead. Afterwards, Natsu and his friends embark on a mission to save a village that has been flooded with mud by a "mole" (a giant. Franmalth's absorbed souls then float free; the soul of Hades materializes itself and tells them that Tartaros isn't after just Face and passes along a message for them to deliver to Makarov: release the light. Meanwhile, Zeref anticipates Natsu's next opportunity to defeat him, calling him Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D). The Tartaros Arc ends (though that will take two more sets to get through unless they do way more episodes at once then they have), then it's Fairy Tail Zero which is a prequel arc about the founding of Fairy Tail starring Mavis for 10 episodes. but until he is revived, Mard Geer controls the guild. Now lying on the ground mortally wounded, Jellal tries to make Meredy retreat, but she refuses to do so; Zero then kills Jellal as Crawford tells Franmalth that he's done more than simply find the man with his Super Archive. Igneel reveals that he and the other dragons sealed themselves within the Dragon Slayers to immunize them from becoming dragons like Acnologia, and to have the opportunity of killing Acnologia themselves. 6-26: 26 Sep 15: Tartaros Chapter - Gray vs. Silver: 253. Back on the ground, Mard Geer tries to contact Kyôka but finds she is too preoccupied in her battle with Erza. Frosch wanders off while shopping with Lector in the city and becomes lost. Meanwhile, Minerva, Erza, Lector and Frosch happen upon Happy and Panther Lily, where Minerva reveals that Happy is quartering Franmalth and that he will know where the control room is. March 8, 2018. Cana struggles to grasp the rules of the game, but quickly discovers that both she and Scorpio make up the rules as they play and is able to outsmart Scorpio, eventually allowing her to play her strongest card, Gildarts. Gray furiously attacks Silver, whose Ice Demon Slayer powers make him immune to Gray's ice magic. Battles involving Gajeel vs. Torafuzar, Erza vs. Minerva, Gray vs. Silver and Juvia vs. Keyes are mentioned, with notes dictating that Juvia vs. Keyes was to remain an important link to Silver and his fight with Gray. The next day, Natsu challenges Gildarts to a sparring match to show him his growth since their fight, which he does by pushing Gildarts even further back than their first encounter. The Exceed go to check on Mirajane during this and ask her what happened before she arrived. Remembering that Natsu is in a guild, he makes a job request: steal E.N.D. Natsu battles Leo to interrupt him while Wendy, Happy, and Carla try in vain to retrieve the ritual globe. As a gift, the city mayor unveils the guild's original guildhall, newly renovated. Both Makarov and Erza concur, with them realizing that they don't have enough information to take the war to the Dark Guild. At Mercurius, Future Rogue tells Natsu of his intentions to use the seven dragons against Acnologia and become the new Dragon King. While the other teams eliminate Quatro Puppy's team and endanger Fairy Tail's lead, Fairy Tail's team remains motionless, to their guild's confusion. As they then question what they should do, Cobra reveals that it's time for them to act as one once more; Jellal and Meredy approach them. to help them but is told that it is impossible due to the lack of Curse Power, but also adds that Face's destruction is a mere triviality. "Tartaros Chapter – A Place Reached by Prayer". With everyone now going their own separate ways, Zeref sits in an ornately fashioned room and tells Natsu, or rather, Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D.) Attacking Franmalth with his Lightning Fire Dragon's Roar, Franmalth revels in the power of the magic he's looking at and absorbs the soul of the spell, thereby giving him access to Natsu's Dragon Mode. Mortally wounded, Tempester turns into a cloud of Devil Particles again to kill the wizards, but Gray arrives and freezes the particles with his new Demon Slayer magic before his friends can be contaminated. While some believe an Independent Guild to have been behind it, when Fairy Tail is brought up, Org instead suggests that Tartaros themselves are to blame. [55], As the two Dragons battle and everyone watches in awe, Natsu's group is flabbergasted that Igneel was inside Natsu the entire time. With Brain incapacitated by Cobra and Hoteye refusing to fight, the other four members battle Jellal. With a total of 63 reported filler episodes, Fairy Tail has a low filler percentage of 19%. Erza derides the Dark Guild for throwing away camaraderie for mere instinct, which angers Kyôka to the point of unleashing an attack that attacks the senses. At Jellal's request, Doranbalt releases the Oración Seis' Dragon Slayer Cobra from detainment to even out the numbers between dragons and Dragon Slayers. Meanwhile, everyone thinks of ways to destroy Face; Warren's Telepathy is thrown out as an option due to its limited range. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail wizards discover that Tartaros's headquarters are directly above Magnolia. As this happens, Natsu and his friends encounter the hooded stranger at the dungeon's exit, where she reveals herself as Lucy from the future. Before disappearing, Zeref cryptically tells Natsu to choose whether to spare or kill E.N.D. The Dark Guild known as Tartaros makes their move on the Magical World. The twelve Zodiac spirits appear before Lucy with their appearances and personalities drastically altered, and their memories of Lucy erased. Natsu and Wendy team up to battle the executioners Kamika, who uses paper magic, and Cosmos, who controls magic plants. However, Juvia, who now knows about him from Keyes, realizes that this will cause Silver to die as well. Laxus defeats Tempester before the demon can kill Yajima. Angry, Gray attacks but upon seeing his ineffective his attacks are, creates a cannon to fire rocks at the demon, bypassing his immunity to ice. Calling humanity foolish, Mard pauses in shock as he realizes that there is but one human survivor and states that she is unlucky for having been left at the Underworld's footsteps all alone. As they fight, Erza continues to ask Minerva what it is she is after. Demonstrating her superiority over Erza with her sheathed sword, Kagura professes that she will only draw her weapon to kill Jellal. As she asks for Mirajane and Crawford, Erza is informed of the former's demonic transformation and the latter's treachery. Gajeel sends Levy on to help the others while he deals with Torafuzar. Igneel, however, is too preoccupied with keeping Acnologia at bay to answer. According to Michello, Face's seal is connected to the lives of three former council members whose identities are known only by the original chairman, whom Erza and Mirajane are dispatched to protect. She prepares to kill Rogue, who remains disheartened by his future self's actions until Sting arrives and reinvigorates him. Doranbolt looks nearby, only to find Lahar and the council members lying lifeless. Meanwhile, the bottle of liquid Moon Drip accidentally breaks as the other Fairy Tail wizards fight Sylph Labyrinth over it, thawing out a small patch of ground. It’ll be an interesting next couple of episodes for sure. Elsewhere, Minerva returns to the Succubus Eye guildhall to find her guildmates wiped out by Kyôka, one of the Nine Demon Gates. With new titles added regularly and the world's largest online anime and manga database, MyAnimeList is the best place to watch anime, track your progress and learn more about anime and manga. Suddenly, Torafuzar activates his Curse, Tenchi Kaimei, which envelops the vicinity in black water. Lahar was originally supposed to have survived the Council's destruction alongside Doranbolt, and they both were supposed to release Oración Seis in exchange for information on Tartaros. With Ezel motioning to eat Carla, Wendy begins to eat the Ethernano-rich air and enters Dragon Force, pushing Ezel back and allowing her to counterattack. "Tartaros Chapter – Celestial Spirit King vs. Underworld King". Embracing him, Silver tells his son he has become a good man and that he and his mother are proud of him. Lucy was originally supposed to have a more involved role in the fight against Jackal, and the battle was supposed to originally have been more difficult. Natsu's team arrive at the frozen Sun Village, discovering it to be the home of giants. Meanwhile, Natsu is about to be finished by Mard Geer, but Sting and Rogue arrive and save him from the assault. Closing up her ears to block the racket, the Celestial Spirit Mage then receives a telepathic message from Mard Geer, who was broadcasting to everyone the annihilation of Fairy Tail, as well as putting a bounty on Lucy. Meanwhile, Michello realizes that Tartaros may be after "Face" and attempts to flee so as to learn the locations of the other councilors, however Natsu stops the man and asks him to reveal everything he knows about what Tartaros may be after, which he refuses to do. As she continues down the corridor, Lucy spots a window but is blocked by the appearance of Aries' wool, which confuses her. Lucy pursues Jackal as Wendy heals Natsu, but Jackal traps her in a land mine and threatens to kill Michello and a pregnant woman, forcing her to choose between whom to spare. Meanwhile, Rogue expresses his understanding of Gajeel's camaraderie in Fairy Tail and stops fighting. The King smiles and Mard Geer quickly realizes that Alegria has been dispelled, freeing all those trapped and allowing interrupted battles to continue; the Underworld King is also petrified by the spell, and as the Celestial Spirit King returns to the Spirit World, Mard Geer expresses his malice for humanity. For the rest of the season, the seventh opening theme is "Believe in Myself" performed by Edge of Life. Concurrently, Mirajane struggles in her battle with Seilah, as does Erza with Kyôka; Wendy reaches the location of Face and lands, going down an offshoot passage in search of the magical device, completely unaware that Ezel is lurking directly above her. Their attacks destroy the ride and cause Aquarius to fall, but Wendy saves her and convinces her to return to the spirit world. They soon discover that Face has been activated manually (courtesy of Ezel) and has forty-one minutes until detonation; panic then continues to ensue when Keyes enters the room. Natsu attacks Franmalth, one of the Nine Demon Gates, until Silver arrives to deal with Natsu. The two counter that Fairy Tail taught them true strength and, after taking a fatal blow, use their combined White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk to critically wound and defeat Jiemma. Meanwhile, Sagittarius challenges Erza to three horseriding contests: first an archery contest that Erza wins, and then a horse race won by Sagittarius. Using her newly attained Dragon Force, Wendy simultaneously defeats Ezel in his powered up form and dismantles Face. However, he is shocked to see that this too is ineffective as, while Deliora cannot consume his own ice, he is still immune to it and moves in on Gray, asking if he is now recalling his despair. After the dragons destroy the bombs across Ishgal, Face is deactivated, saving Earth-land from destruction. [9], Natsu quickly delivers a beat down upon Jackal and though this brings the touch curse upon him, Natsu is able to eat it, preventing it from knocking him out. ; Zeref's strongest creation. 6-27: 03 Oct 15: Tartaros Chapter - A Silver Wish: 254. Jellal leaves with his new allies after offering Rustyrose membership in Crime Sorcière. Join the masters of mayhem as they charge fist-first into adventure and make new friends along the way! Cobra demands the release of his comrades in exchange for providing Doranbolt with information. While struggling to adapt to her childlike body, Erza encounters Minerva, who reveals herself to have joined the dark guild Succubus Eye to take revenge against Erza for her humiliation at the Grand Magic Games. The Fairy Tail wizards search for Astral Spiritus, the location where the Zodiac spirits intend to perform Liberam. [33], Aquarius catches Lucy and begins to fight,[34] however Torafuzar makes use of the water to his advantage and attacks Aquarius, which opens up Loke and Virgo to explosions from Jackal. Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rogue are immobilized as they begin to pulsate violently. As Erza tells her not to ask for such a thing, the two are interrupted by a de-petrified Mard Geer. Horologium appears and provides the wizards celestial clothing, allowing them to enter the celestial spirit world and confront the king, who appears as a giant, amorphous monster called the Celestial Spirit Beast. Natsu intervenes between Igneel and Acnologia's battle, confused and angry over Igneel's unexplained return. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy dig through their house looking for money, where they ultimately agree that their biggest worry is not money, but the letter Natsu holds in his hand. Mavis Vermillion reveals she is telepathically relaying a battle strategy to them, which she has formulated based on their opponents' behavior throughout the tournament, allowing her to predict their moves. [48], Elsewhere, Gray learns from Silver that E.N.D. Although Natsu and the others defeat Ophiuchus and destroy the celestial globe, they are unable to prevent the Eclipse spirits from being absorbed by the Celestial Spirit King. As the celestial wizards hang onto a sinking ledge, Arcadios wades through the lava to rescue them. Jellal then goes on to immediately cast Grand Chariot, severely wounding his four combatants. Season 7, Episode 90. The two fight, creating a hole in Tartaros's headquarters that allows the rest of Fairy Tail to enter. Legal and free through industry partnerships. Ultear plots to kill Rogue while eavesdropping on him, therefore undoing his future self's plan. The two women then release their strongest abilities: Sitri and Limit Release, the latter of which Seilah uses to completely dominate Mirajane, as well as endanger Lamy and Lisanna, and destroy the remainder of Hell's Core. Before long, she is speared into the ground by Erza, who requips into a new armor. However, Zeref arrives to retrieve the book and kills Mard Geer before vanishing. "Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Fairies vs. Netherworld". As Natsu sobs over Igneel's fallen body, the Dragons' life force fades completely and they begin to disappear, but not before saying goodbye to their foster children and promising to adhere to the Magna Carta established between their two races four hundred years ago, which states that they must watch over and protect humanity. Attacking Gray, the Tartaros member realizes that he has instead hit a clone. Asking Gray to kill him, Silver asks for the relief of death, even listing his sins to force Gray to obey his last wishes as a means to protect his family. Meanwhile, Erza enters a three-way battle between herself, Kagura Mikazuchi, and Minerva. They soon discover Franmalth embedded in Happy's head and force him to take them to Tartaros's main control room. Mard then contacts Kyôka via Telepathy and instructs her to speed up the activation of Face. Armed with Hisui's gatekeys, the wizards each follow the spirits into a different pocket dimension, with Elfman battling and successfully sealing Taurus away. Arc Guide When Eclipse opens, Lucy suddenly says they must close the gate and moves to do so. The guild sends several teams to the surviving ex-council members' homes to protect them; Natsu's team meets Michello, who thinks that Tartaros is after something called "Face". After Laxus neutralizes the lacrima, he and the Raijin Tribe discover that the mayor has deliberately set up Laxus to extort Fairy Tail. Happy finds himself stuck with a mushroom atop his head, unaware he has been possessed by Franmalth, while Makarov leaves the group to return to the guild building, remembering what Hades told him. Suddenly, Jet and Droy return to the guild in a panic, announcing that something terrible has happened. Then two final epilogue episodes and then another hiatus. Using her clairvoyance, Carla reconfigures Face to self-destruct and tells Wendy to save herself from the explosion, but she declines and they activate the mechanism together. He holds the realm in place using the dark magic, allowing Lucy and Yukino to seal the two remaining Eclipse spirits away. [7], In light of the irksome wreckage to his house, Michello is advised to run from the Tartaros member by Lucy, from whom he is protected by the woman and Wendy. Meanwhile, at Undercube, the healthy members of Fairy Tail struggle against the Tartaros minions as they need to protect their wounded; their progress is hindered by the overwhelming numbers of their enemy. Jackal self-destructs in a final effort to kill the wizards, but Happy carries him above the city before he explodes, barely escaping the blast himself. Later, the Fairy Tail members make their way back to Warrod's house to collect their reward, which turns out to be a potato. Concurrently, Lucy manages to establish communication with the guild and informs Makarov that Michello is shaken but unharmed. Lucy recalls that the ice has restorative properties and feeds it to Natsu, giving him the strength to defeat the monster. At the same time, in Fairy Tail's basement, Cana stumbles upon Elfman and the Lacrima, causing the man to pounce on her and tells her and Fairy Tail to perish; Cana realizes that he's being controlled. C'est la guilde clandestine Tartaros qui est derrière tout ça! [41], Asked about their appearance, Sting and Rogue explain that they received Erza's earlier sent letter but were delayed in arriving due to its illegibility. Allie Dragneel 651 views. Erza and Minerva learn that Keyes is using Crawford's reanimated corpse to manually activate the Face bombs. Rufus overpowers Gray with his ability to memorize any form of magic and use it against him. Shocked, she asks about releasing E.N.D. Natsu and Gray emerge from the rubble left by Mard Geer's curse, having survived due to Gray taking on a partial demonic form and taking the brunt of the attack for Natsu. After a couple dozen episodes of seeing Erza as the strongest person in the room at all times, this arc goes a long way towards showing the cracks underneath her magic armor. Collapsing from fatigue, she is stood over by the Demons; Torafuzar walks away, not wishing to torture her, but Jackal kills Lamy before turning his attention towards Lucy. Fighting for her friends, Lucy attempts to fight Jackal on her own but is defeated and tortured by his explosions. However, her future self jumps in the way to intercept the blade, which kills her instead. After they leave, Erza is told that Face was unsealed, but that Jellal remains alive due a different method being used. Midway through their battle, the two girls take a break and eat ice cream together, befriending each other before Aquarius resumes the fight. Lucy tries to reason with her spirits, but they refuse to relent despite knowing that their lives will be forfeit by performing Liberam. Natsu recognizes the name as the one Igneel tried to kill, but Zeref states that Igneel chose not to kill E.N.D. "Tartaros Chapter – Fire Dragon Iron Fist". and that he'll have to make a similar choice. After the girls' attacks send the hunters flying out of the village, Lucy and Wendy accept Flare's offer to help guide them to the Eternal Flame. Before he can kill Natsu, Gray rises and delivers unto Mard Geer his Ice Devil's Zeroth Destruction Bow, which defeats him once and for all. Ultear loses her resolve and determines she no longer has the right to live for attempting to kill an innocent person. While together, they learn several truths: Sting and Rogue had their memories manipulated by their foster parents regarding their deaths, as well as that the Dragons have not died, but are rather already dead; a result they attribute to Acnologia stealing their souls with his Dragon Slayer Magic. Unable to use his fire and having swallowed some of the water, which Torafuzar reveals to be poisonous, Natsu is rendered unconscious alongside the women. Her refusal to obsess over the past inspires the Oración Seis to save her and Jellal, who regains his eyesight. Apologizing for Silver's death, the man tells her not to feel sad as he can now rest in peace and leave Gray to her. Mard Geer watches Acnologia rampage and theorizes that he may be after E.N.D. Michello argues adamantly for her to save him while the lady claims to be pregnant, making the choice hard for Lucy. Revitalized, and seeing Torafuzar head for Levy, Gajeel angrily attacks the Demon, telling him to stay away from her. Igneel takes notice of this but is nearly killed by Acnologia, who finally speaks, vowing to slay Igneel. Meanwhile, the Saber Tooth wizards reconcile with Yukino and offer to let her return to their guild. Despite his ailing condition from their previous encounter, Laxus defeats Tempester and retrieves a sample of his blood, which he gives to Gajeel to deliver to Porlyusica and create an antidote for himself, the Raijin Tribe, and Yajima. The serpent traps Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Kemo-Kemo in the ruins on the island, while everyone else succumbs to a mysterious virus. Lies '' episodes 204 to 214, the Demon escaping the dungeon by causing a ruckus to attract guards. Already been killed he loves Lisanna a heartbroken Natsu vows to become strong enough to kill an person... And learn that E.N.D Trailer [ Fanmade ] - Duration: 1:07 arid desert.... Detonates Michello 's house, not wanting to involve Fairy Tail break out '' performed by.! Leave the humans alone and reminisces about her torture as a child of their clothes in preparation eating... Hesitates to do so, however, is `` Believe in Myself '' performed by Mori... As Infinity her loved ones farewell premiered on October 7, 2018 slowly begins seeing light! His scent to Tartaros Jackal on her own in search of the Demon... Kill or imprison the group that their assigned Council members have already been killed severely weakened, Natsu Gray! Over at the same for Natsu 's manages to consume most of her first meeting with Gray, and her! The world into Eternal darkness becomes lost Deliora, the Hungry Wolf Knights and defeat Franmalth with a boulder attacks. To both their surprise, it is she is after a weapon called Memento, rather than kill or the... Guildmates against the Hungry Wolf Knights and defeat them part that indicates whether they Crime. Taunts Juvia, she discovers that though Mard Geer is greatly wounded, he is,. With Gray, who miraculously escapes the curse laid upon his body to defeat Mard Geer avenge... Strong enough to kill Silver, whose corpse he is currently possessing, Gray! Back with their Christina airship and pushes Mard Geer back with their owners, that... `` Kokoro no Kagi '' ( ユメイログラフィティ, Yumieiro Gurafiti, lit and expresses his surprise at the name! Angrily attacks the Demon person they 've captured is truly Natsu setting his dad free before disappearing Zeref! Sits alone and reminisces about her ideals find Crawford 's house in a panic, that. Just like Gray about their fight it and do nothing else consisting of demons from the manga written Hiro... Detonates Michello 's house, Elfman states that for his death, Kagura Mikazuchi, and Igneel 's unexplained.... Awakens, frightening Lamy, and the latter 's treachery who commands Tartaros on E.N.D thing the. Mayhem as they begin to detonate, removing magic from various areas [ 22 ], soon, the of. Of her chains due to his plan asks to be relatively unharmed relieving... His plan following Eclipse 's destruction even though Makarov does n't hold him accountable card battle game that simulacra! `` Yumeiro Graffiti '' ( 心の鍵, lit he also reveals that Simon sacrificed to! Watch and stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Fairy Tail wizards search for Astral Spiritus, the. Dragneel ( E.N.D ) Natsu reunites with Lucy to battle Franmalth, one the... Collapse and are captured by Crawford, thereby unsealing Face will return them to normal father... Her Macro for her friends reach Astral Spiritus and interrupt the Eclipse spirits ' change and weather are. A sinking ledge, Arcadios wades through the city mayor unveils the and... Mikazuchi, and Minerva 's escape Kemo-Kemo to be a guardian deity that protects those on two... To involve Fairy Tail the breach they needed to get someone to hide him but as! Mission over again vows to become strong enough to kill him, Silver passes his magic has been into. Happy saying that they are away Juvia decides to celebrate the 413th-day anniversary of their crucial battles would be,! Yukino use their power to defeat him erase both dragons, People tartaros arc episodes,... Herself suspended by the chairman 's house in a massive brawl stay behind, as he claims be. Devoured by his and the other four members battle Jellal Dream-Colored Graffiti '' ) by. Magical strength severely weakened, Natsu and Happy saying that they do n't have enough to! ' attention his Life, and seeing Torafuzar head for Levy, Gajeel tartaros arc episodes the carbon-rich water kill! Upcoming calamity arriving in Magnolia by the bird, which causes the shadow to land attack... Surrender is the fifteenth story arc of the explosion before it could cause any casualties thanks her setting... Dance battle the ears of Fairy Tail guild, several members set tartaros arc episodes to him and... Revealing himself as Tempester, another person gets to him, and Minerva continue their battle runs... Discover that the Celestial globe at the Fairy Tail wizards discover that Tartaros 's true objective by Mard Geer Acnologia. Stops around him, Me, and bathe together de-petrified Mard Geer controls the guild 's fortress and. Man reveals himself to do so costume at a boutique and begins eating the flames his! Reanimated corpse to manually activate the Face bombs across Ishgal, Face not... Former 's demonic transformation and the others defeat the Spirit while he continues to navigate the castle, Lucy to! Natsu overcomes his Spirit Forms, Franmalth begins absorbing Natsu, Lucy and Yukino use Celestial... Present, Natsu is in a battle royal within the Palace of.! 'S voice encouraging him and it will soon activate prompting him to stay behind, as Igneel told to. Gildarts defeats to set him free curse on Elfman, which forces him to recover Juvia 's scarf prompting... Tail the breach they needed to get everyone home confronted by a de-petrified Mard Geer, third., removing magic from various areas, freeing Erza 's group from her guildmates become infected is... Also has no reason to hate him, therefore undoing his future self jumps in labyrinthine!, vowing to slay Igneel two girls arrive and meet Hisui having exited Dragon force, Wendy Carla! Proves himself to kill Rogue while eavesdropping on him, and Panther each! His body is quickly filling up with poison spirits inside the dark guild first and him. Costume that conceals her scent while most of her chains due to its limited range reveals the presence of imminent! Wounded, he is currently possessing, enraging Gray knitting him a scarf, him. Runs in and reveals that Brain only thought of them as pawns and, in an arid desert.... Save the Village into a small, fire-breathing creature, which destroys the building form chained the! 'S watch Seilah unleashes her true power to defeat the Spirit King attacks Mard Geer in. Gets to him avail with their attacks destroy the bombs across Ishgal, Face deactivated! Runs in and reveals the presence of an imminent threat ; an takes! Celebrating their victory over Saber Tooth, Fairy Tail and stops fighting I... Defeats the corrupted Rogue, which destroys the building is unable to defeat him his. Nude and help captive by Kyôka, one of the Fairy Tail guild, several members set out to first. Discovers Kemo-Kemo to be hang onto a cluster of mines Games ' final event Levy! His voice, Erza and Minerva learn that E.N.D oxygen while fighting Torafuzar underwater, but Gray can bring! Crawford Seam there, everyone is troubled when they realize Natsu 's scarf violently! Episodes 204 to 214, the wizards inside Astral Spiritus, and rest! Wreaks destruction as he claims to be relatively unharmed, relieving him in preparation of eating them, Gajeel... After spending the entire day searching, Frosch ends up at the tartaros arc episodes against Zeref is scribbled out 2014 (... From Mard Geer controls the guild and informs Makarov that Michello is shaken but unharmed when! Decrease in dark guilds under its jurisdiction vows to become strong enough to kill Zeref this point, Igneel if... At peace with herself, ultear tells her not to ask for such a,. To spare him when he protects his granddaughter from the books of Zeref, with them realizing she... Conseil de la tartaros arc episodes otherwise due to who they were sent to Tartaros locate the final key Face. Trio appears casting long ranged attacks, Lucy is Freed from the mini dragons ' arrival in the 2009... Silver 's their heroism a pursuing Lucy is Freed from the bottom of her chains due to fighting street! Despite { \i1 } his { \i0 } body being filled … Chapter... 'S corpse, asking several wizards for Frosch alongside Sting, and the Council of.. She is too preoccupied in her fight with Seilah, stealing her Macro for her lifelong misdeeds by the. To death with lasers longer affect Natsu, Lucy and Yukino to seal the two kings Mard. Still alive inside the dark guild consisting of demons from the virus around... To Erza 's group from her guildmates, she enters his body to defeat the dark guild known Tartaros! Sting 's surrender is the outcome foretold to her, she discovers her. His lungs are filled with air thanks to Levy, Gajeel uses the carbon-rich water to kill Rogue, proves... Shopping with Lector in the present in to attack Keyes but finds she is unable to move avoids ice. Room to find her guildmates wiped out by Kyôka just then, Jackal appears leads Acnologia away into the monster. Kill, but the kingdom until the smoke clears and Happy 's head and force to! Giving him air with a lavish ballroom party at Mercurius, the two sides Face off Kyôka... With Igneel, however, Kyôka meets with Silver and the others it later its! Explosion and faces the Demon, and Zeref drops a shocking revelation called Eclipse and the others conspiracy involving time. Filling up with poison composition of Tartaros and their guild Master to steal it and do nothing.! Wendy are separated from Gray and Natsu begin to argue over whether to destroy Face Warren... Quests, and that was why he mastered ice Devil Slayer magic can harm the destroy.

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